Wednesday, August 17

Splinter Cell: Ubisoft updates the brand in the face of a possible announcement

The return of Splinter Cell? It seems like it’s getting closer and closer. The rumors have not stopped crowding and already last October it was said that Ubisoft had given the green light to a new installment. Precisely today we learned that the French firm introduced the updated trademark last week, slightly changing the description of it. It is said that this new title will offer an open world and that it could include elements of Hitman.

Splinter Cell closer and closer?

Sources close to the game’s production reported that Ubisoft is currently working on a new Splinter Cell, saga that also receive an anime series for Netflix. It seems that the French firm wants to shape this game as an attempt to win back the fans those who were not convinced by the leap from the saga to the mobile format or virtual reality. In fact, the company has not done very well with its recent announcements: remember that Tom Clancy’s XDefiantWithout going any further, he was met with the refusal of the players.

Now we find that last week he updated the trademark Splinter Cell with some changes: they have removed from the description “interactive multiplayer computer games” and now point out that the saga “provides an online computer game”. As we say, the change is minimal but could suggest that Ubisoft is forging something with the saga. At the moment, this is the only move the company has made in this regard.

The new Splinter Cell could be announced next year

The sources, for their part, assure that Splinter Cell is in its initial production phase and that chances are it will be announced next year. We still have to wait for Ubisoft to find the right moment to present the project. Meanwhile, the company continues to oppose players: users have also rejected their Ubisoft Quartz, an NFT skin system.

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