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Skull Canyon Ski Fest, become the king of the track in the new Pandasaurus

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Pandasaurus Games has announced Skull Canyon Ski Fest, the studio behind Dinosaur Island and Machi Koro takes to the slopes with their new board game where players will have to achieve fame, break records and dodge a wandering yeti to become kings. of the mountain.

Skull Canyon Ski Fest is a board game designed for 2 to 4 players, with a recommended age from 14 years, and with games of a variable duration that ranges between 45 and 60 minutes.

Posted by Pandasaurus, Skull Canyon Ski Fest will combine into its design some familiar mechanics that Ticket to Ride or Tokaido players will recognize. Core is a set collection game where you have to trade cards to complete races, but once the sun goes down everyone heads back to town to recover and plan for the next day.

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The action takes us to a winter sports-loving town located at the base of Skull Canyon. Each player will earn victory and fame points by completing any of the many slopes on the slopes, spanning three difficulties. The more difficult tracks require more sets of pairs, but the payoff will be well worth it.

Skull Canyon Ski Fest, dominate the most difficult slopes and enjoy the best attractions of this picturesque mountain

Each competitor will have three days and two nights to accumulate as many points as possible and proclaim himself the king of the mountain. Being the first to complete a course helps, but other competitors will likely show up, ending your course with a larger set of cards, or perhaps some extra flair. Claiming and then owning the best track on each slope is a major source of victory points.

On each turn, players will use their available actions to search for cards and complete a set, travel up the mountain through ski lifts and slopes, and complete tracks. Yeti cards are wild cards, but using too many can set off an avalanche and force everyone down the mountain. Additionally, the royal yeti will stalk the wild, cutting off access to the tracks until it is diverted elsewhere.

Cover of Skull Canyon Ski Fest

In the village, players will trade their resources, buy equipment, or fill their hand with hillside cards. Places are limited in some places, which means that the person closest to the base of the mountain will be the first to try the comforts of the town. Players cannot stop at a building that is already full, so even during moments of rest, we will have to consider our strategy.

Skull Canyon Ski Fest is designed by Jason Klinke Y Chicken Noschese, for whom this is their first big title in a board game. Illustrations are by Gica Tam, whose previous work can be seen in Gods Love Dinosaurs and in the game Wayfinders.

In addition to Dinosaurs Island and Machi Koro, the publisher is responsible for the publication of titles such as Sonora, Brew, That Time You Killed Me or Umbra Via, some of which have been published in our language.

Pandasaurus Games will launch to the market Skull Canyon Ski Fest on April 13, 2022, in an English edition. From ludonoticias we have contacted the publisher to ask them about possible editions in other languages, and we will expand the news as soon as we have more information about it.

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