Tuesday, August 16

Santa Claus harasses and scares you in new Phasmophobia update | Levelup

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We are already in the Christmas season, which means that you are surely looking for gifts and waiting to see what they give you. Several video game companies want the spirit of that time to be felt in their games and one of them is the studio that created Phasmophobia.

This week, Phasmophobia received the Cursed Possetion update. This is an update that unleashes a new type of ghost that will terrify you in your games. Who is it about? From a terrifying version of Santa Claus.

Of course, keep in mind that this Santa Claus is not the same as the one you surely recognize and have affection for. It is a thin and terrifying being that will mow you while making Christmas sounds. Something truly terrifying for all those who hate this time of year.

You can see Santa Claus terrorizing a female player of Phasmophobia next:

An important point is that the presence of Santa Claus came as a real surprise. The patch notes indicated that we would see a new type of ghost, but they never specified that it was going to be a specter of Santa Claus. So, surely more than one got a real scare or a huge laugh when seeing this ghost.

Now, this spectrum is not the only thing that gives the festive touch to Phasmophobia. We say so since the game environments were also updated to present different types of Christmas decorations.

What did you think of this Christmas event? Tell us in the comments.

Phasmophobia is available for PC in Early Access. You can know more about him if you click here.



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