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Nostalgia! You can now know the history of Xbox in this free documentary | Levelup

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Xbox’s interesting history is full of ups and downs that are an important part of the industry. As you well know, the company celebrated its 20th anniversary a few weeks ago, a special date that it decided to celebrate with a documentary about its birth and evolution.

In case you don’t remember Power On: The Story of Xbox It is a production that makes a complete journey through the 2 decades of the brand’s life. So he reviews key moments of success and milestones that make up his story.

If you are a passionate Xbox fan or just want to learn more about its journey in the industry, keep in mind that Power On: The Story of Xbox It is now available. Best of all, you can enjoy its various chapters for free.

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How to see Power On: The Story of Xbox for free?

Power On: The Story of Xbox It will tell you in its 6 episodes key moments for the company, such as the launch of its first console and the arrival of Xbox Series X | S. It also takes a look at Xbox’s biggest stumbles, like the Xbox 360’s red ring of death and the disappointing Xbox One launch.

Via Xbox Wire, it was reaffirmed that each chapter covers a different page in the brand’s history. So this is a nostalgic journey for gamers who have followed the company since its inception.

Now how do you enjoy Power On: The Story of Xbox? It is very simple, since the documentary is already available on platforms such as the Xbox channel on YouTube Y the microsoft store, where you can enjoy it in different languages, without limits and for free.

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On the other hand, Xbox will broadcast the 6 chapters in a row in a special event that will take place in Twitch. The appointment is Thursday, December 16 at 12:00 PM, Mexico City time. If you are excited about the production and do not want to wait any longer, below is the first chapter:

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