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Minecraft welcomes the Master Chief and more great Halo Infinite content | Levelup

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Several companies, including PlayStation, joined the celebrations for the launch of Halo Infinite. As you can imagine, Xbox Game Studios was not indifferent to the important premiere of 343 Industries, so its members congratulated the developer in charge of the saga.

Mojang decided to go one step further, so he celebrated the arrival of Halo Infinite with fabulous thematic content for Minecraft. The studios decided to do a collaboration to bring the Master Chief Mash-up Pack back, content that was released years ago.

The surprise is that this relaunch is accompanied by new content, as it includes an update that will undoubtedly excite fans who are already enjoying the action of Halo Infinite.

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This is what the great content of Halo Infinite for Minecraft

The Master Chief Mash-up Pack was made possible through a collaboration between Mojang, 343 Industries, and 4J Studios, who worked to bring elements and part of the world from the series to Minecraft. The pack includes a thematic map and a special interface inspired by Halo.

In addition, it gives access to music from the popular 343 Industries saga, many unique skins and textures, including some to have the iconic design of the Master Chief on Minecraft. Now the pack also offers 8 skins of Halo Infinite.

Thanks to this, players will get 3 skins of the Master Chief, Commander Laurette Agryna, Escharum, Jega ‘Rdomnai, Yoroi Spartan and the pilot. In addition, more emoticons and elements for character creation are included.

The Master Chief Mash-up Pack can be purchased at the Marketplace of the title for Minecraft: Bedrock Edition in exchange for 990 coins. Below is a trailer so you can see how good all the content looks:

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Minecraft is available for PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Nintendo Switch, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One, PC, as well as for iOS and Android devices. Here you will find all the news about the title.

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