Wednesday, August 17

MicroMacro Video Tutorial: Crime City – Full House • Console and Dashboard

The successful MicroMacro: Crime City you already have a continuation, in the form of a separate box. MicroMacro: Crime City – Full House It is a cooperative challenge, for 1 to 4 players, which does not require having played the previous one.

Indicated since the age of 10, he proposes us to solve different cases in a new large-scale map. With the help of the magnifying glass, we will investigate every corner in detail, in search of criminals and victims. For each case, we will have to keep track of everyone involved, going back in time. It will be the way to understand what has led each one to act like this.

Through this video tutorial, of just over 3 minutes, we show its components and explain its complete rules. This is a creation by Johannes Sich, who is also in charge of the illustrations, along with Daniel Goll and Tobias Jochinke. Its edition in Spanish is handled by SD Games.


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