Monday, August 8

Mayfield begins recovery after tornado that reduced it to rubble

  • Neighbors have organized into volunteer gangs to start rebuilding and cleaning up.

While waiting for the “miracle” from meet with life someone under the debris from the Mayfield candle factory, the residents of this city of Kentucky (USA) have started clean up out onto the streets perhaps hoping that work will help them overcome the shock of Friday’s deadly tornado.

Neighbors are still in shock. Beth Scarborough, a resident of the town, said that, although it was something “unimaginable”, as if they had suddenly “gone through a war and had dropped bombs in the city “, the feeling is one of overcoming. “We are going to survive, we are going to rebuild and we will come back stronger,” he said 36 hours after a powerful tornado passed through half the city and collapsed countless buildings.

The one of Mayfield It was one of more than 30 tornadoes that affected half a dozen states in the country on Friday night, such as Arkansas, where two people died, Tennessee, where the partial balance is four, and Illinois, where the roof of a warehouse Amazon collapsed, killing at least six people. Now, several days later, the reconstruction work begins. Neighbors have organized groups of volunteers who are busy cutting down fallen trees and utility poles as well as piling up the remains of what was once a building next to the sidewalks.

The most punished city

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One of them, Tom Williamson, barely armed with thick gloves, explained that despite the enormous challenge “we had to start somewhere” and that, no matter how little their help, the united community can give back to “a certain normalcy “to this small town of 10,000 inhabitants. Others are dedicated to trying save the few things left standing and they move them in trailers to safe areas. Others bet on offer free food to neighbors and workers, even some with a grill where they prepared hamburgers and hot dogs. National Guard soldiers, meanwhile, guard the streets and keep access to the candle factory closed.

Mayfield was the city hardest hit by the wave of more than 30 tornadoes which hit six states in the country, according to local authorities. Through this small town, where today hundreds of people took to the streets to start recovery tasks as soon as possible, the tornado passed that remained on the ground for more kilometers, with more than 220 miles (350 kilometers), since there are records throughout the US. So much so that local media reported that an old photograph of a Kentucky family appeared more than 150 miles (240 kilometers), in the state of Indiana, after the tornado hit.

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