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Henry Cavill would be interested in participating in Amazon’s Mass Effect series

It is a matter of time Mass Effect, one of the most popular science fiction sagas in the video game industry, ended up receiving an adaptation as a film or television series. Henry Cavill, who we will see again this December 17 as Geralt of Rivia in the second season of The Witcher on Netflix, hinted at the end of February of this year that he could be involved in a project related to the saga of Bioware and EA. The actor has returned to pronounce on this subject in an interview granted exclusively to Games Radar in which he has commented that he would be interested in participating in the Amazon adaptation.

Amazon is in talks for a Mass Effect series

Before moving on to Cavill’s remarks, it should be noted that Games Radar asked the actor if he would be interested in participating in a series of Mass Effect after rumors that Amazon Studios will be at negotiations to make an adaptation for the small screen. “A lot, yes, it all depends on how they are running it. The world of adaptation can be heavy or light. When I like a product, I prefer that the adaptation does not modify too much of the source, so it depends“, the actor commented about his interest in participating in the series and the conditions or requirements that it will have to fulfill in order for him to be interested.

Regarding the rumors about the Amazon adaptation, Cavill commented that, in case the series found its home on the platform, He would be happy to have a conversation with his managers since he is a huge fan of video games, especially from the original trilogue. “I have not completed Mass Effect: Andromeda; I tried, but ended up being very busy. I loved the original triloga. They are brilliant games. It would be a great movie saga or a television series“He added. A former Bioware writer believes that a Mass Effect series will not work, although it is something that remains to be seen if it ends up being confirmed definitively.

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