Monday, August 8

Halo Infinite receives new adjustments to challenges and multiplayer rosters

From 343 Industries they have been incorporating various adjustments and content to multiplayer from Halo Infinite, which is being enjoyed by thousands of players around the world. The studio announced at the end of last month new changes to improve the experience system and promised that new lists would arrive before the end of December. Said and done: as announced from VG247, an update for add new playlists and adjust challenges arrive tomorrow in order to expand and improve the gaming experience for users.

The company will add four new lists: Slayer, Fiesta, FFA and Tactical Slayer (SWAT). 343 Industries’ original plans for Slayer included a number of features that weren’t going to be ready in time for this holiday season, so the developer has decided to release a core offering from this list so that players can experience it firsthand and promise they will seek to “strengthen and expand it” in future updates. Additionally, the patch will include tweaks to improve the challenge system, including the elimination of specific challenges of a mode, the reduction of some requirements, the addition of new challenges for the new lists and changes in the weekly challenges.

343i is listening for feedback from the community

One of the new types of challenges is based on the accumulation of points by the player, which in the words of the team itself represents a “small initial step towards performance-based experience”. They promise that more details about this new feature will be shared next week. Meanwhile, from 343 Industries they remain attentive to the feedback players to make adjustments in future updates; for the moment, I will review the matchmaking Ranked and Great Battle mode. You are enjoying the multiplayer of Halo Infinite? What do you think of these additions?

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