Tuesday, August 16

FIFA 22 and Nintendo Switch were the big winners of Black Friday in Spain

We return with a new review of the best-selling games in physical format in Spain, with figures from November 22 to 28, the week of Black Friday, in which FIFA 22 PS4 was the best-selling game, and Nintendo Switch the best-selling console with a spectacular figure.

Sales week 47: from November 22 to 28

1. FIFA 22 (PS4)
2. Pokémon Shiny Diamond and Shimmering Pearl (Switch)
3. FIFA 22 (Switch)
4. Just Dance (Switch)
5. Grand Theft Auto V (PS4)
6. Animal Crossing: New Horizons (Switch)
7. The Last of Us Parte II (PS4)
8. Minecraft (Switch)
9. Mario Kart 8 Deluxe (Switch)
10. FIFA 22 (PS5)

FIFA 22 exceeds 50,000 units

In recent years, the week of Black Friday has become one in which more physical video games are sold worldwide, and here in Spain exactly the same thing happens, traditionally with different offers from companies that further encourage the phenomenon. consumerist who has become the last week of November.

In first position and helped by a strong price promotion in all its formats, we have FIFA 22 of PS4 that he has managed to sell 52,550 units, which already exceeds 230,000 copies in physical format for PS4 in Spain. In second position, losing the first place of the previous week we find ourselves Pokémon Shiny Pearl / Shimmering Diamond for Nintendo Switch with 33,800 units, thus exceeding 152,000 units in its first two weeks of life. Close the podium FIFA 22 from Switch with 21,600 units.

Of the rest of the top, the strong rise in Just Dance 2022 for Nintendo Switch with 13,750 units sold, which is more than double of all the units that Ubisoft’s game had sold until this week, something that has already become tradition when receiving a succulent discount during Black Friday. Also mention the entry of the entry of The Last of Us Parte II that had not appeared on the list for a long time and that thanks to a strong price reduction has sold 8200 units, thus exceeding 242,000 since it was put on sale in our country.

Of the releases this week that have been left out of the list, and that have been very few, we have Farming Simulator 22 from PS4 with 3600 units, while in the rest of platforms it has sold 1,250 units in PC, 350 in PS5 and 300 in Xbox Series. Another title released this week, although its strong selling dates are usually later, is Let’s Sing 22, Koch Media’s karaoke game that has sold 1,050 units on Nintendo Switch and 100 units on PS4 and another 100 on PS5.

Nintendo Switch sold 35,000 units

Regarding the sale of consoles, in the week analyzed I know that we have had a great winner, while the serious stock problems of the new generation consoles continue. As Nintendo Switch has sold 35,450 units (of which 5850 were the OLED model, and 22,500 of the pack with the standard console and Mario Kart 8), followed by PS5 with 5500 units, Xbox Series S with 3550 units (a very good figure), Xbox Series X 300, PS4 150 and Xbox One 9 units.


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