Thursday, January 20

Featured Nightingale, Victorian Fantasy Adventure • Console and Dashboard

Inflexion Games presenta Nightingale through a trailer of just over two minutes. The company is committed to a constant fight for survival, which takes place in a Victorian fantasy world.


This title will use the early access system for its launch. Thus, it will be throughout 2022 when this version in development will be released on PC, seeking the support of the community.

We will move between portals, with the mystery always present. We will travel to increasingly dangerous scenarios. The collapse in the arcane portal network will leave us stranded, far from home. Staying alive in this maze will not be an easy task.

We will explore forests, swamps and deserts, while restoring portals, as well as ‘crafteamos’. The construction of farms and haciendas will allow us to live off the land, while creating tools and weapons necessary for adventure. It can be enjoyed alone or in multiplayer, combining strengths and weaknesses.

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