Tuesday, January 25

Dune: Spice Wars Strategy Game Anunciado en The Game Awards

Announced with a brief trailer, a 4X real-time strategy game is in development set in Frank Herbert’s beloved and influential Dune universe.

As is tradition, this year’s Game Awards was filled with numerous high-profile game announcements, including the one for the long-rumored Quantic Dream. Star Wars: Eclipse project, set in the era of the High Republic. Among these announcements, the trailer for Dune: Spice Wars also debuted, a strategy game in a vein similar to Endless legend.

Made by Shiro Games, a French game development company known for acclaimed Northgard – a strategy game based on Norse mythology – Dune: Spice Wars seems to be a visually stunning gift built around the famous pillars of 4X game: explore, expand, explode, exterminate.

The game’s announcement trailer is certainly vague, but it tries to evoke familiar images through the rendering of the endless dunes of Arrakis within the game’s engine before seeing an outstretched hand supporting the desert landscape. The title of Dune: Spice Wars uses the now iconic font that debuted with the popular 2021 Danube film adaptation, implying that the game will be inspired not only by the original material, but also by Denis Villeneuve’s film.

In addition to the trailer, the Dune: Spice Wars ‘ The announcement was accompanied by screenshots offering a glimpse into its game loop, as well as some of the factions that the game allows players to choose from. The early access period for the game will launch sometime in 2022 and will feature four asymmetrical factions to choose from, of which House Atreides and House Harkonnen have been revealed, with the other two still being a source of speculation. Given their colors, it is safe to assume that the two most likely candidates would be the Fremen for yellow and the Bene Gesserit for blue.

True to the nature of the source material, players will be able to harness their political power with the other factions to further their own goals, especially through means of sabotage, assassination, espionage, and other acts of subterfuge.

A strategy game is certainly an appropriate genre to better accommodate the complexities of Frank Herbert’s environment, and Dune: Spice Wars will certainly stand alongside the legacy that Danube 2, a popular real-time strategy released in 1992, was left behind. Whether or not it will do so favorably remains to be seen, but given the track record of the developers, there are plenty of reasons to be hopeful.

For those who are not fans of strategy games, Funcom is also developing an open world multiplayer survival game with the Norwegian studio that brought in Conan Exiles for the world, and its allocated budget increased dramatically after Tencent bought the company in 2020.

Dune: Spice Wars will launch for Early Access on PC in 2022.


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