Tuesday, August 16

Dev1ce will miss the BLAST Premier due to health problems | Levelup

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Ninjas in Pajamas has announced that Nicolai “Dev1ce” Reedtz will miss the BLAST Premier, the prestigious tournament of CS:GO to be played this week, due to health problems.

The organization revealed that the Danish star has been ill for several days, and that is why he did not play in the semifinals or the grand final of the IEM Winter. On the recommendation of the doctor, he will also be left out of the World Final.

His replacement will be academy team sniper Love “Phzy” Smidebrant, who has been a part of Young Ninjas since January and performed well at IEM Winter. Despite being a rookie, he averaged 0.98 in the semi-final and grand final, which is not ideal for an AWP but not bad considering the circumstances either.

Without Dev1ce, NiP’s odds of winning the BLAST Premier World Final have dropped dramatically. The 26-year-old Dane joined the organization in April and has been its best attacker ever since. With their help, NiP has grown into a very strong team, but they have only won one tournament: September’s IEM Fall.

In addition to the Dev1ce announcement, NiP commented that their current COO, Jonas Gundersen, will take on the role of head coach during the BLAST Premier World Final. This is because the former coach, Björn “⁠THREAT⁠” Pers, has become the organization’s technical director.

The BLAST Premier World Final will take place December 14-19. NiP will face G2 in the opening round on Wednesday, December 15.


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