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Alien 5 should restart everything after the aliens to fix the timeline

A grown Newt would make an excellent lead, and a dense urban setting would take a sequel to a level never before seen in the movies.

A prospective Foreigner 5 The movie gets a chance to correct the franchise’s biggest mistakes, restarting the story to start over where Aliens Stopped. from ridley scott Alien and James Cameron Aliens are two of the most popular sci-fi movies of all time, cementing the xenomorphs among the darkest and most iconic cinematic monsters in pop culture. To date, not later Alien The movie has managed to fully recapture what made those first two so compelling. So, in an era of movie reboots and revivals, perhaps the best creative option would be to simply re-establish the timeline.

Rumors and ideas about Foreigner 5 They’ve been adrift for years, with several big-name directors attached to the project at one point or another. Sadly though, for fans of the series, none have come to fruition. Despite the disappointment of Alien 3 Y Alien resurrection, the funny but forgettable Alien vs. Predator movies, and the confused Prometheus Y Alien Covenant prequels, a die-hard fanbase still wondering when the next one will be Alien the movie will be made.

Although Alien The chronology is now firmly established after the original quadrilogy, whatever Foreigner 5 The film should take the radical step of restarting the James Cameron sequel saga. Aliens. This is because, despite some successes, the last two films in the series finally drop the ball both narratively and from the character’s perspective. Alien 3, for example, he made the mistake of killing too many characters, a decision that probably doomed Alien resurrection, that he needed to bring Ellen Ripley back from the dead to have a story. However, Ripley’s treatment pales in comparison to the other characters, who die off-screen before the movie even begins. After Aliens He invested his audience so deeply in the survival of Hicks, Newt, Bishop, and Ripley, that their apparent disposition soured the story immediately, squandering whatever potential these characters might have had in subsequent films. Therefore a reimagined Foreigner 5 It could give these iconic characters the satisfying story arc audiences have been craving, and perhaps save the failing franchise in the process.

An Alien 5 reboot could give Newt a new story

There is a long time jump between the top two Alien movies, and a similar time jumps after Aliens It would give Newt enough time to grow up and become the main character. What may have happened to Newt has been explored before, for Alien Comics set in alternate timelines, but a reboot could make her a compelling protagonist. With her past experience dealing with xenomorphs, she would hesitate to be drawn into history, but she would also feel a burning desire to avoid more catastrophes like the one she experienced as a child. This would very well reflect Ripley’s character arc in Aliens, showing Newt following in Ripley’s footsteps whether he likes it or not. The trauma of his backstory would give Newt some emotional scars to overcome, giving him internal conflict throughout the story and ultimately deep catharsis when he succeeds. All of this could give it a fierce characterization, relying on the very traits that made Sarah Connor so memorable in the Terminator serie.

Restart the movie series with Foreigner 5 could also bring back other characters from Aliens. Sigourney Weaver could return with a cameo as Ellen Ripley, even if she’s not directly involved in the action. After the strong theme of motherhood of AliensIt makes perfect sense that she and Newt would have stayed in close contact. When the military inevitably gets involved, it would also be appropriate for Michael Biehn to reprise his role as Dwayne Hicks, probably with a much higher rank than corporal.

Escalating the threat of the xenomorphs

A good sequel will add to the tension and threat of the previous movie, which is exactly what Aliens did, taking the creature from Alien and turn it into a whole horde. The original Alien The film hides its true villain in plain sight, while a single xenomorph endangers the crew of a spaceship. Aliens follows the same format, hiding its villain among a group of soldiers in a destroyed outpost. Foreigner 5 It could easily follow this same format, with a secret antagonist revealed in the film’s second act, raising the stakes even more with the setting. At Alien universe, it is easy to imagine a planet that is home to at least one thriving human city, and Foreigner 5 he could use that scenario to play on the fears and anxieties of modern audiences.

One way to increase the threat from xenomorphs is to introduce new types that have not been explored before in the movies. Aliens introduced the fearsome queen of the xenomorphs into the film, standing out as one of the series’ highlights and adding enough depth to leave audiences speculating on the origins and biology of xenomorphs. The result was a variety of xenomorphic creatures depicted in Alien media outside of the movie series. Books, games, and graphic novels have featured much more monstrous forms, most notably the Xenomorphic Empress, an intelligent kaiju-sized matriarch who can coordinate the nests of multiple queens.

Alien 5 may continue Alien’s anti-corporate message

Despite its fearsome appearance, the main antagonists of the Alien The franchise is not the xenomorphs, but the greedy, faceless corporations looming ubiquitous in the background. This idea is no less compelling to a modern audience. An urban setting could put this look on full display, possibly leaning towards a gloomy cyberpunk feel akin to Bounty hunt The altered carbon. Whether the environment itself is a dystopia or a paradise, invading xenomorphs can serve as an allegory for today’s major problems, such as climate change and the ongoing pandemic. People show a wide range of reactions to threats like these, especially when they are not yet directly affected. The spread of a xenomorph infestation through a large city could follow an eerily similar pattern, with all the associated politics, argument, misinformation, and denial.

And Foreigner 5 done, the best way to ensure success is to bring the film series back to the simplicity of its original concept. Yes Alien 3 Y Alien resurrection reverted to a girl’s feverish nightmares in a hypersleep chamber or allowed to remain part of the canon, a plethora of graphic novels and video games can provide much inspiration for future films to build on, while returning the Alien franchise to its roots. If nothing else, the audience deserves at least one more truly captivating one. Alien film.

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