Thursday, May 26

Activision executive asks to ‘consider consequences’ for union movement

Activision Blizzard is in crisis after all the controversies and lawsuits that have affected many people in charge of the study, including its executive director Bobby Kotick. To the external pressures of PlayStation, Microsoft and Nintendo are also added internal ones, something that is not liking to certain company executives who are not comfortable with the union movement.

Activision recently fired a number of Raven Software QA members after requesting a transfer and promising pay increases. The team objected and started a rally that has grown into a movement in addition to protests over sexual harassment and abuse lawsuits, gaining support within all of Activision Blizzard. Finally, the voices for unionizing are growing, are in contact with the Communications Workers of America (CWA) and have formed a fund for the possible strike.

Organizing would empower employees and allow them not to be completely at the mercy of their superiors, and so Activision wants to avoid it. Brian Bulato, managing director and former member of the administration of former US President Donald Trump, has sent an email to employees to reconsider the situation and discourage unionization talks.

Activision Blizzard warns of consequences

Bulato comments in the email that he “supports” employees in their right to decide, something to which they are obliged, but he lets it fall that anyone who considers the option should study the consequences. “Your chances of negotiating working conditions will be transferred to CWA, as the document says. Achieving our aspirations with the culture in the workplace will work better with active and transparent dialogue between leaders and employees, “says the executive, who recommends it before the electronic signature to the CWA document.

“If we fail to achieve the goals we have set ourselves then of course there is always the option to vote for CWA. But we are confident that we will make the progress we have announced and we will create a workplace that you can be proud of “, concludes the text.

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