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A new update is now available in Pikmin Bloom | Levelup

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Interesting news comes to us for all users of Pikmin Bloom, since update 36.0 has just been released with several new features for the Nintendo game on mobile devices. Here we tell you all the details.

Pikmin Bloom has been liked by the community

Pikmin Bloom It was released in late October and has since been downloaded more than 2 million times, making it a hit for Nintendo on iOS and Android devices.

Despite its success, it seems that those responsible want to continue improving the user experience and have just shared a new patch that includes several better ones that we show you below:

    [li]Reduced network usage
    [li]Improved a camera permission dialog.
    [li]Added feature to share screenshots
    [li]You can now send postcards to your friends from the postcard list
    [li]Now you can choose Pikmin to send gifts
    [li]Added a logo on AR photos
    [li]Added a new avatar costume
    [li]More bug fixes

As you can see, this update (which requires 89.03 MB of space) comes with several improvements and extra options that will undoubtedly fall well in the already extensive community of the Nintendo game for mobile devices.

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Pikmin Bloom It premiered on October 26 and can be downloaded for free.

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