Tuesday, August 16

Wonder Woman video game announced • Console and Dashboard

Wonder Woman It has been one of the big surprises at The Game Awards 2021. Monolith Productions and Warner Bros. Games present the project they are working on: a video game of the DC superheroine.


For now, it is known that Monolith is looking for staff, which is indicative of how long the launch is going. There is no video of its gameplay, nor cinematic scenes, just a brief ‘teaser’ that shows us the appearance of the protagonist.

With no date or confirmed platforms, what is known is that Wonder Woman will fight to unite the warriors of two worlds: her family and the humans of the modern world. It is presented as a combination of action and adventure, in the open world, for a single player.

The story will be set in the DC Universe, turning us into Diana of Themyscira. As the story progresses, we will forge connections with allies and enemies, following the Nemesis system. As a curiosity, the development is in charge of those responsible for Middle-earth: Shadow of Mordor Y Middle-earth: Shadow of War.


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