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Tidal Blades 2 is coming to Kickstarter next February

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Sky bound has announced Tidal Blades 2: Rise of the Unfolders, the sequel to the 2018 game Heroes of the Reef, the title will hit Kickstarter next February alongside the RPG Tidal Blades.

Tidal Blades 2: Rise of the Unfolders is a cooperative board game designed for 1 to 4 players, with a recommended age of 14 years and older, and with games of variable duration ranging from 60 to 120 minutes.

The creation of designers Tim y Ben Eisner and the duo of illustrators that make up the studio Mr. Cuddington, Lina Cossette and David Forest, Tidal Blades: Heroes of the Reef, in which players take on the role of aspiring heroes hoping to earn the title of Tidal Blade by completing various challenges and rising to the rank of champion.

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The board game took place in the kingdom of the fantastic island of Naviri, with each island offering different rewards for the player’s heroes. The main mechanics of the game were the dice that allowed them to complete the different challenges, in addition, the characteristics of the players, registered in rotating dials, improved throughout the game, which allowed them to optimize their dice and defeat more powerful monsters .

Tidal Blades 2: Rise of the Unfolders will be a cooperative board game

The next sequel, Tidal Blades 2: Rise of the Unfolders, takes place after the Tournament of Heroes from the first part of the series, when players’ new Tidal Blades are thrown into the mysterious frozen time slot of the Fold in an effort to rescue your companions trapped inside and uncover the mystery at its center.

Described as a «dungeon crawler altamente narrativo«, The next board game switches to a cooperative format, with players working together in a campaign mode, with 21 connected scenarios, lasting more than 40 hours. Players will be able to increase their stats, acquire items, and add cards to their deck throughout the campaign.

Tidal Blades 2 introduces a new game mode in the form of the Nexus system, a three by three card grid in front of each player. On his turn, a player adds a card to the grid, before activating all the cards in the row or column where the card was played to form a combo.

The Kickstarter campaign for Tidal Blades 2 will also include the role-playing game Tidal Blades, revealed earlier this year.

The Kickstarter campaign to Tidal Blades 2: Rise of the Unfolders It will be released on February 22, 2022. The different contribution levels, as well as when the game will reach patrons, have not yet been confirmed.

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