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This is the Boxe mini portable projector, from Heyup

Just hit the market Boxe, a smart mini projector ready to connect and project from smartphones iOS and Android on 4K. It has been developed from Heyup a technological platform that is creating innovative products such as this projector, as well as other equipment for the smart home, designed for users interested in innovation and open to original technological proposals.

Compared to Boxe, it is small, light and portable in 1080p which, connected to the mobile phone, can project a sharp image up to 120 inches, which makes it suitable for family entertainment.

Product type advantages

The quality of current televisions and the large dimensions of their screen have overshadowed the market for projectors that have assumed a more professional role with high prices. But the panorama is changing as a result of the quality of the new projectors and their more affordable prices, especially those designed specifically for domestic use. This would be the case of Boxe developed by Heyup. The advantage it offers lies in being able to enjoy movies and series at home, as if you were in the cinema. It is not the only one, since it is also portable and does not take up space at home, and can be moved to the most convenient room in the home, and can even be used outdoors.

The equipment in use and recommendations

The tests carried out on the device show how easy and fast it is to configure it, and start using it imminently.

To use it, you have to choose the clean and flat surface on which you want to project, it can be a wall, a sheet, a curtain or even the ceiling over the bed. After turning it on, dedicated controls allow you to adjust the image to perfectly fit your chosen projection space. Subsequently, other settings allow the user to adapt the viewing angle and other aspects of focus.

Once all the settings have been made, it’s time to connect it to the internet through the network settings menu. This functionality makes it possible to download applications and enter Aptoide TV to find the custom streaming service.

If the projector is used in an area without Wi-Fi, you can connect a laptop via HDMI cable and watch any video or DVD, or images and movies saved on a memory disk.

Added values

The device can be used as a home theater, or to enjoy video games, among other possibilities.

The screen size is customizable, which gives the ability to display larger images that cannot be enjoyed on other devices.

Visual comfort In addition to adjusting the screen size, it offers high image quality, similar to those of the smart tv.

Portability and compact size that allows it to be placed in different places and rooms (on the ceiling, on a table, etc.).

Accesible price. This projector is priced at 269 euros, lower than an entry-level TV.

Large format screen. The screen size, much higher than that of other devices, favors greater interaction with the content.

Easy to connect. Via USB or by linking it to the mobile or computer wirelessly.

Size. It is a very compact product. It is possible to locate and move it between rooms. Its design makes it easy to transport and its style makes it fit into almost any environment.

Technical aspects

With a built-in 7800 mAh battery, it is possible to have 90 minutes of uninterrupted entertainment. An external power bank can be connected to it thanks to the USB-C charging port.

It’s easy to get the right projection angles and even resize your image on the fly, thanks to the four corner keystone correction.

Integrates native 1080P and 4K support. Large projection screen 120 inches.


You agree to download applications and games from Aptoide TV, the application platform for smart TVs and projectors. It integrates HDMI, USB-C and USB ports and 8 GB of memory.


It combines a light and attractive design with a concept suitable for family use. It is a portable mini projector that can output from IOS and Android in 1080 resolution and also supports 4K resolution videos.

Provides flexible placement to view pictures, movies, or play games from the kitchen, bedroom, living room, or any other indoor or outdoor space.

Thanks to the latest advances in light diffusion methods, it helps protect eyes against exposure to screens.

It uses Bluetooth 2.4GHz-5GHz WiFi Bluetooth, USB and HDMI for iOS and Android phones, as well as tablets and laptops. It includes a remote control, a power adapter, a user manual, two AAA batteries, a warranty card and original stickers with Boxe.

It includes a good level of accessories, such as a versatile tripod that ensures stable 4K projection. Accessories are optional.

It is well protected against dust to prevent particles from entering the interior spaces of the projector. The lens has a lifespan of 25,000 hours. It integrates a powerful Amlogic T972 chip that is frequently used by smart TVs.

The unit weighs 1.24 kilograms, making it easy to transport and locate.

It is equipped with a series of silent cooling fans that will work to keep the unit active at all times without disturbing the viewing experience.

Project in any indoor and outdoor space, thanks to its Android-based FengOS operating system, and makes it easy for its high connectivity.


The team will markets to 269 euros.


LCD monitor. 3.5 ” TFT screen

Silent motor. Noise ≤30dB

LED projection. With 1920 * 1080 resolution (supports 4K). Brightness 150 ANSI Im

Image size. 40 to 120 inches

Manual focus

Conectividad, Bluetooth, Wifi 2,4G / 5G. Screen Mirroring mediante Airplay


8GB storage

App Store, Aptoide TV

Bluetooth remote control and voice control

Focus wheel with 1.2m minimum effective focus distance

Keystone correction options, for quick screen adjustments, fine tuning, and resetting.

Bluetooth speakers

DSP profesional

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360 degree surround sound. Dolby DD +

Size / weight 115.1 * 134.1 * 175mm / 1.24 Kilos


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