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The ‘clean’ that PSG prepares for winter: Icardi, Rafinha, Kurzawa, Sergio Rico …

Movements are coming at PSG next January. Especially in the form of exit, since as reported today The team, Pochettino’s team wants to lighten a very long squad that has up to 35 members, although some are usually part of the dynamics of the second team. This caused some they even had to stay out of the UEFA list to play the Champions League.

PSG is already listening to proposals that arrive for many of its footballers, as it did during the month of August after the arrivals of Achraf Hakimi, Lionel Messi, Sergio Ramos, Georginio Wijnaldum, Gianluigi Donnarumma y Nuno Mendes, and now the goal of the club is output at least three or four.

Mauro Icardi

The Argentinian has lost prominence, As expected, with the Messi-Mbapp-Neymar trident, although the reality is that he has never shown in Paris the level he did in Italy and has been talked about more by his extra sport problems than for their performance in the field.

Pochettino explains Icardi’s situationPSG

That is why PSG wants to get at least 50 million, although from the club they are aware that in January it will be very complicated. If a satisfactory offer does not arrive, remain the fourth in contention from the lead.

Rafinha Alcntara and Sergio Rico

The Spanish midfielder is completely missing. He has only played 220 minutes so far this year and he has been one of the ‘sacrificed’ who has not been registered in the Champions League. According to The team, it is not to the liking of Pochettino and he assumes that he must leave Paris.

Rafinha left Bara for free and is already doing this at PSG: ah, and the Mbapp thing is already from another planet!

On the other hand, goalkeeper Sergio Rico is also on the starting ramp. The arrival of Donnarumma He finished burying his options to fight for the title and therefore he was tried to leave in the summer. The big problem for your exit is his contract until 2024 and his high salary.

Kurzawa, Diallo, Dagba, Edimbe …

The most uncomfortable situation is that of Kurzawa, who was pushed out in the summer but eventually stayed on the team. The veteran winger was convinced of his options with the injury of Bernat, but the arrival of Nuno Mendes at the end of the market it was a tough stick for him.

Champions League (Day 6): Summary and goals of PSG 4-1 Bruges

Some of the pearls that did have minutes at the beginning of the course are also on the starting ramp. The most significant is that of Abdou Diallo, whose progress is not a priority but whose poster in england makes PSG consider leaving if a good offer arrives. He is 25 years old.

Others like Grow O Edimbe, bets of the Parisian team in the medium and long term, could come out through an assignment to add the minutes they do not have in the Parisian team.

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