Monday, August 8

Silleda opens registration for the children’s end of the year party, Son do Berce and games

The Council of Silleda opens the registration for various activities of the Christmas program. Thus, it is necessary to sign up to participate in the children’s end of the year party (on the 30th, in the César González Fares pavilion); in the gymkhana that will take place in the streets of Silleda on the 28th; in the Son do Berce session for babies (27, at the Vista Alegre cultural center), and in the traditional games sessions, scheduled for the 29th in Silleda and for January 3 in A Bandeira. Interested persons can call 986 580 000, except in the case of the gymkhana, for which they must contact 986 592 037. In the case of the San Silvestre race, registrations will take place the same day, at Juan Salgueiro Square. Silleda recalls that two activities were already ruled out last week, due to the health situation: the Xuntanza de Nadal de Maiores and the end of the year rehearsal, also for the elderly.

Bethlehem of Vista Alegre

On the other hand, today the traditional nativity scene is inaugurated in the premises of the Vista Alegre cultural center, in A Bandeira. Tomorrow the auditorium of the town will host, at 8:00 p.m., the recital of Santa Cecilia by the Bandeira Recreational and Cultural Band.

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