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Psychonauts 2 Won Nothing At The Game Awards 2021 And Fans Are Disappointed | Levelup

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The Game Awards 2021 provided plenty to talk about thanks to numerous trailer reveals and new game announcements. However, the award also opened the conversation by the surprise announcement of the game of the year, but fans believe that something unfair happened with Psychonauts 2.

As we told you weeks ago, when the list of nominees for the event was revealed, Psychonauts 2 It was shaping up to be one of the top winners, as it was nominated 6 times in different categories, including the Game of the Year 2021.

Injustice? Psychonauts 2 left empty handed

Precisely, Psychonauts 2 It was nominated for Best Directing, Best Action / Adventure Game, Best Narrative, Best Art Direction, Players’ Choice, and Game of the Year.

However, there was no good news for the Double Fine Productions game, as it was beaten in all categories and did not take home any awards, which was surprising to many fans.

Through social networks, the players expressed their disagreement because they believe it is unfair that Razputin’s new adventure “Raz” Aquato did not win any awards, since it is one of the highest rated games of the year. Psychonauts it even became a trend for a moment.

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Some don’t believe Psychonauts 2 have lost against DEATHLOOP, as the art style of the Double Fine Productions game is more interesting than that of the Bethesda game.

Until Halo: Infinite, who did not enter the main selection for debuting outside the established period, received an award thanks to the support of the public. However, many players expressed their dissatisfaction stating that “today he lost the game.”

However, it is important to remember that, in all categories, there are usually great games, and precisely in 2021 great productions debuted, so it is normal that sometimes there are no prizes for some. In addition to Psychonauts 2 Has not received any awards from this ceremony does not detract from its success.

In case you missed it: For Xbox boss Phil Spencer, the 2021 Game of the Year is Psychonauts 2.

What do you think of the award? Do you agree with the winners? Tell us in the comments.

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