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KRÜ’s historic streak continues in the VALORANT Champions | Levelup

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The KRÜ Esports fairy tale lives on. The Latin American team beat Fnatic in the quarterfinals of the VALORANT Champions, and now he will have to face Gambit Esports in the semifinals.

Fnatic entered this series as first place in Group D while KRÜ had a more difficult road: Kun Agüero’s squad lost their first game against Team Liquid, but achieved a pair of historic victories against FURIA and Sentinels. Thanks to that, it was in second place in Group B.

The confrontation started in Haven, the map that KRÜ had selected. Fnatic won the first 2 rounds on offense, but KRÜ stopped them in the third. Klaus secured an impressive quad-kill in the fourth round to tie the game. From that point on, both teams stayed close until KRÜ sentenced the first victory in overtime.

Fnatic chose Icebox as the second map and absolutely dominated KRÜ in the first half, finishing with a score of 10 – 2. Although the representatives of Latin America closed the gap after the change of roles, Fnatic won round 19 to bring the series to third. Map.

Split was the decisive stage. There, KRÜ maintained excellent defense in the first half and forced Fnatic to fight tooth and nail for every inch of the map. With a 10 – 5 lead, everything looked favorable for Keznit and company. After some technical breaks, Fnatic managed to win a couple of rounds but KRÜ closed the deal in round 21 and sent the Europeans back home.

Thus, KRÜ will face Gambit Esports in the semifinals on December 11.

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