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Forspoken confirms its release on May 24 on PS5 and PC with a spectacular trailer

We already know that Forspoken, Square Enix’s spectacular open-world action-adventure game, was coming to PS5 and PC in spring 2022, but today during the gala of The Game Awards 2021 (whose broadcast with comments in Spanish you can see here) a new trailer was presented in which we have not only been able to see kinematics and gameplay from the game formerly known as Project Athia, but its release date has also been revealed: the May 24, 2022 and you have already started your booking campaign.

The actress Ella Balinska, which gives life to the protagonist Frey Holland, has participated in the Geoff Keighley awards gala to present this impressive trailer in which we have been given new clues to the plot of Forspoken, as well as new traits of its spectacular playability: we have seen new powers such as invisibility or projectile launching in the purest style shooter, new enemies and huge bosses, and new types of movement like a kind of surfboard that allow us to slide across the stage.

More details of the plot of Forspoken

In addition, in the trailer we have been able to learn some more details about the history of Frey Holland, a young woman from New York who has suddenly appeared in the fantastic world of Athia without knowing how and with no chance of escape. There he runs into the thantas, some “benevolent matriarchs”, according to the official description of the trailer, who ruled a prosperous world until the arrival of The tear, a plague that corrupted everything in its power, turning animals into beasts and humans into monsters.

The Rending also transformed Athia’s verdant landscapes into four dangerous decrepit kingdoms that are now in the hands of the thantas, converted into evil sorceresses that we will have to face taking advantage of the protagonist’s powers: “Frey will enter the heart of corruption, where he must face monstrous beings, stand up to the powerful thantas and uncover secrets with which many more things will emerge “, explain those responsible.

Forspoken already available on reservation

Who want Reserve Forspoken Before its launch on May 24, they can already do so on both PS5, a platform for which it is exclusive on consoles, and PC. In the first case the pre-purchase still does not seem to be active in the PS Store of the Spanish territory, although it will probably become available in the next few hours, while in the second we can choose between reserving it in Steam, Epic Games Store O Microsoft Store.


Regardless of the platform or digital store we choose, we can choose between two editions of Forspoken: one standard digital, which includes the base set and special cosmetic add-ons such as a cape or necklace, and a digital deluxe, which in addition to that also brings a minilibro digital art, a miniband digital sound and a DLC Forspoken: In Tanta We Trust which serve as a prequel to the game’s story, as well as an exceptional resource kit.

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