Tuesday, August 16

Elden Ring presents its story trailer at The Game Awards 2021

From Software and Bandai Namco have presented a new trailer of Elden Ring, the highly anticipated open-world RPG from director Hidetaka Miyazaki with a story by George RR Martin, author of A Song of Ice and Fire. The video confirms that the release date has not changed: February 25 on PC, PlayStation 5, Xbox Series, PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Unlike past studio games, like the series Dark Souls, Elden Ring offers an open world adventure. “We are excited about the new FromSoftware and it is becoming increasingly clear to us that it is going to be one of the best games of the coming year”, we tell you in our impressions. “A title that starts from the base of Dark Souls for evolve it and take it to a new terrain with an open world that makes exploration a real pleasure […]”.

In short, we will play in a vast connected world in which the open territories will be packed with situations and huge dungeons with complex and three-dimensional designs. As you explore, you will experience the delight of discovering unknown and daunting threats, and that will give you the thrill of overcoming. In addition to customizing the appearance of your character, you can freely combine the weapons, armor and magic that you equip. You can develop your character according to your play style, both to increase your brute strength and be a powerful warrior, and to master magic.


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