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ELDEN RING Presents His Epic Story With This Incredible Trailer | Levelup

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There is no doubt that The Game Awards 2021 was exciting for fans of video games in general, as there were a variety of announcements and news of upcoming games. However, one of the most striking was the presentation of the new trailer for the highly anticipated THE FIRE RING.

Just as expected, THE FIRE RING appeared at The Game Awards 2021 and did it in a great way, as FromSoftware revealed a fantastic trailer that explains a bit about the past of THE FIRE RING and the story that gives meaning to the promising adventure.

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The new trailer for THE FIRE RING explains its ancient history

In the cinematic trailer, a glimpse of how the lands of THE FIRE RING fell from grace after the Rune of Death was stolen, leading to the downfall of the demigods and Queen Marika.

War broke out and with it came a dark period for the inhabitants. But it is not known who or what caused all this hecatomb. Something interesting is that it presents a very detailed look at the characters that will appear in the title and will apparently be the opening sequence that will receive the players.

Then we leave you the great advance.

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