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“Vanguard is a spit in the face of Call of Duty”, assure professionals | Levelup

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OpTic Texas Creative Director Davis “Hitch” Edwards has criticized Call of Duty: Vanguard, calling it a “spit in the face” of the competitive scene, and professional gamers agree.

A month after Vanguard’s release, it’s clear that much of the Call of Duty community has little love for the game. Esports fans, in particular, seem to have tangible misgivings about the latest installment in the franchise.

While many members of the professional scene have expressed their lack of enthusiasm for Vanguard, Hitch took the criticism to another level and exploded against the game on Twitter.

“Up to now, Vanguard it’s been a complete spit in the face of the Call of Duty competitive, ”Hitch said. “I’d rather have an official Activision press release explaining how little they care about the future of esports.”

“At some point it was the most watched console esport in the world … how sad,” he added.

Hitch’s bold statement drew many sympathetic responses from league members. Among them are Sam “Octane” Larew, Thomas “ZooMaa” Paparatto and Jordan “JKap” Kaplan to name just a few.

Hitch has been a member of the scene of Call of Duty for a long time. He started as a content creator for UMG in January 2014 and joined OpTic in November of that year.

During the cycle VanguardHitch’s work has focused on the merger between OpTic Gaming and Envy that resulted in OpTic Texas. He also hosted a $ 70,000 USD tournament with his friends from Team Summertime.

The third season of the Call of Duty League It will kick off sometime in early 2022, and it looks like the criticism will continue to mount. The question is, will anything change? Only Activision has the answer.


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