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Total War: Warhammer 3 takes us to the bleak lands of Slaanesh in a new trailer

Total War: Warhammer 3 He wants players to prepare their best arsenal for what this adventure of strategy holds, before its debut for PC and Xbox Game Pass on February 17. Creative Assembly continues making a tour of the scenarios that we will tread in this installment, and this week it has been the turn to know the lands of Slaanesh: He is the youngest of the Gods of Chaos, and is an expert in seeking pain, immoral pleasure, excesses and hedonism. Today we have to learn more about this demonic region firsthand.

The demonic lands of Slaanesh in Total War: Warhammer 3

The first we will meet in the Slaanesh region is N’Kari, the Architenter. As the developers of Total War: Warhammer 3, this creature “travels the mortal and immortal realms to experience the ultimate sensation and experience ecstasy in its purest form.” On the battlefield his attitude was not going to be more docile: known as a Glorious Demon, he stands out for his great agility and cruelty.

N’Kari has the passive ability Soul Harvester, which heals you when a nearby enemy unit dies. In turn, his ability The press it can reduce the attack and melee defense of enemies in order to give them a “quick and agonizing” death. With that said, we are going to put the magnifying glass on the units of this region.

Slaanesh’s style of play

The Demons of Slaanesh seek to undermine the morale of the enemy ranks. They do this by using tactics like lightning attacks, which serve to isolate each of the units and kill them. By killing fleeing units, they gain supplies for battle that can employ in three skills. Among the game mechanics of this army we find:

  • Gifts from Slaanesh: Lords and Heroes of Slaanesh can grant enemy characters “gifts” by defeating them in combat or through hero actions, which apply various negative effects to the unit.
  • Seduction: By increasing their seductive influence, Slaanesh’s troops can forcibly overwhelm a target faction.
  • Devotees: Slaanesh armies can capture devotees in battle, Chaos Cults, and acts of pleasure. These devotees are used to found cults, gather armies of disciples, and create vassals.

Lista de Slaanesh

Who do we find figuring within this sinister army? We discovered the Imperious Keepers of Secrets and the Herald of Slaanesh, while the bulk of their ranks are made up of the Imps and the Devils, who are supported by the knight made up of nimble and swift Heartseekers and Hellcruisers. You can find more information by visiting the official website.

We remind you that Total War: Warhammer 3 be available this February 17 for computer and Xbox Game Pass. We have already seen the icy kingdom of Kislev and the infernal Khorne. To know more details of the game we invite you to read our impressions.

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