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They say that Epic Games will give away 15 games for Christmas and one will be Shenmue III | Levelup

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The Epic Games Store continues to pamper its users with attractive free games every month. In past years, the company has taken advantage of the Christmas season to give away a significant sum of attractive games through its store.

Everything indicates that the flashy promotion will return soon to close 2021. This according to a source who has recently leaked correct information about PlayStation Plus and Xbox Games With Gold.

According to the details, the Epic Games Store will offer quite a few free games in the coming days and one of them will be nothing more and nothing less than Shenmue III.

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Epic Games Store would give away up to 15 to close the year

The information comes from Dealabs, specifically from its user Billbill-Kun, who has leaked precise information during the last 4 months. The informant assures that the Epic Games Store will close 2021 with a flourish with many free games.

The store is expected to give away one set each day from December 16-30, so there would be at least 15 gifts. The first 14 games could only be obtained for 24 hours, while the last game of the promotion would be available for 1 week.

For now there is no information about the games that they will supposedly give away, but Billbill-Kun claims that the first of them will be Shenmue III, a game that originally debuted for PC as an Epic store exclusive.

On the other hand, it is mentioned that the platform will have a special end-of-year sale that would start right with the gift season and that would end until January 6, 2022. At the time of writing, Epic Games has not said anything about it .

In past years the list of games that the store will give away has even been leaked, but for now it has not happened. So it is best to wait for the company to confirm or deny this information.

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