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The start of CoD Warzone: Pacific is a disaster on PS5 and Xbox Series | Levelup

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As if the labor scandal plaguing Activision-Blizzard weren’t enough, one of its flagship products is having a start to oblivion. Is about Call of Duty Warzone: Pacific, the new free-to-play online multiplayer experience that from today takes players to a new map, Caldera. However, the experience has not been the same for everyone as there are players who have faced all kinds of errors, bugs, crashes and everything that can go wrong.

The eventful debut of Call of Duty Warzone: Pacific

As part of the beginning of the cycle of Call of Duty Warzone: Pacific, millions of players declared themselves ready to start hostilities on Caldera, the new map. Unfortunately, the beginning of this new stage has been bumpy because from the first moment there were reports of users who took a long time to enter a game and those who did were met with absolute horror.

According to testimonials from the players of Call of Duty Warzone: Pacific, published in forums, the experience has been disastrous because the textures do not load well, the map has several errors and it seems that the game is carried out in a prototype that still needs a lot of work to become a final product. The worst thing is that many of these errors have been presented in the new generation consoles, such as PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X | S, which has unleashed criticism against Activision for the state in which it has launched this new stage of the game.

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Also, the terrible initial state of Call of Duty Warzone: Pacific It coincides with the recent intention of dismissals by Activision-Blizzard, who reported that this month they will end the employment relationship with members of the quality control staff of Raven Software, the study that is in charge of the Battle Royale. Taking the above into account, some opinions agree that this type of situation could show that the company’s labor problems are reaching development processes.

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Video: Call of Duty Warzone: Pacific -Launch Trailer


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