Sunday, January 23

TAPAS – The Intolerant is already a reality • Console and Dashboard

TAPAS – The Intolerant, a board game that we met last year, is now a reality. This is confirmed by Cristina Navarro, its author. The design has changed in relation to that first version presented.


TAPAS – The Intolerant is a board game suitable for ages 6 and up, with 15-minute games. Available at a price of 14 euros, opt for sustainable materials. It is manufactured in Spain, in its entirety.

During the competition, we will receive different clients in our restaurant. To the challenge of serving them in a correct way, they add intolerances and eating styles each. The customer will be the first to make the cover that appears on the menu and, of course, to serve it.

Strategy plays a key role, while interaction between players is present. It is not for less, since the exchange of ingredients is more than allowed when creating tapas. The winner will be the one with the most intolerant clients. With a tie, the one with the most intolerances among its customers.

The mission of the game, in addition to offering fun, is to instruct us in the different intolerances and diets. Use inclusive characters. For its part, it works as a tool to learn vocabulary in English.

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