Tuesday, January 18

Steam withdraws Myth of Legends for alleged plagiarism of the Ark: Survival Evolved code

The strategy game Myth of Empires has been removed from Steam for allegations of copyright infringement and a DMCA request. Chinese developer Angela Game has not given many details but reports PC Gamer based on some documents the accusation comes from Studio Wildcard and Snail Games, developer and publisher of Ark: Survival Evolved.

Angela Game was founded in 2020 by at least one former employee of Snail Games China, owner of Studio Wildcard, so they would have had access to the source code for Ark. This, and certain similarities between the two games – with identical gameplay mechanics – made Studio Wildcard suspect that he considered it much more than a mere coincidence.

Studio Wildcard has compared executable code from Myth of Empires and ensures that found hundreds of variables and functions with the same names, and can ensure that Myth of Empires It has been built with the code of Ark, or at least part of it. Valve received a report of these matches on December 1 and on December 3 it deleted Myth of Empires from your store.

“Studio Wildcard and Snail Games USA Inc have a good faith belief that Myth of Empires was created by stealing source code from Ark: Survival Evolved and has used the code as the basis for Myth of Empires“Reads the text.” Key employees of Myth of Empires worked in the Chinese branch of Snail Games USA Inc and at least one of them will have the credentials to access the source code from Ark: Survival Evolved“.

Angela Game says the allegations are false

Angela Game has stated that the accusations of code theft are false, and that it owns the rights and properties associated with Myth of Empires: “We will respond actively and without any doubt,” said the study. “We are in active contact with Steam and are working to bring the game back to their store. We apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused players.”

Although at this time it cannot be acquired Myth of Empires is still playable and has a significant community, about 40,000 players according to Steam Charts. Angela Game is committed to keeping it running and developing with optimizations and content once you return to Steam, if you do so.


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