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Seinfeld: 10 Worst Things George Costanza Done

It’s almost shocking how bad George Costanza is sometimes.

None of the characters in Seinfeld they are good people. As fun as they are to watch, no one should ever model their behavior after any of the leads. George Costanza is an especially disgusting character. His record of wrongdoing stretches for miles.

It’s so bad that the best things happen to him when he decided that an episode would do the exact opposite of what his intuition told him. The entries below are just a fraction of his total indiscretions. Although he is reprehensible, he is still an incredibly funny character.

10 Eliminate her fiancé

Throughout the seventh season, George is engaged to Susan but desperately wants out. He tries to postpone the date and even tries to be unfaithful to him. He only leaves the wedding after Susan succumbs to the poison from licking too many envelopes while preparing the wedding invitations.

The catch is, George chose the invitations. He had no intention of killing her, but his reaction to her untimely disappearance was strangely enthusiastic. At the end of the episode, he tries to call Marisa Tomei and make a date with her.

9 Jerry has called in a bomb threat

George is known for doing nothing at work, but he still manages to maintain a good position in the Yankees organization. Your laziness reaches a whole new level when you modify your desk to sleep comfortably under it.

However, during a nap, George Steinbrenner walks in and begins to wait for George in his office. To avoid getting into trouble, he asks Jerry to call with a bomb threat to have the place evacuated. It is not the first time that George has implemented plans to try to get out of work.

8 A boy trapped in a bubble almost ended

A boy with a medical condition that causes him to live in a bubble requests to see Jerry Seinfeld, but through a series of events, George ends up playing a trivial chase with him.

After George Costanza says that the boy made a mistake on a question due to a typo in an answer, the boy begins to choke him. As he tries to loosen up, he pops the bubble. The boy survives, at least.

7 Tricks in the contest

One of the most famous episodes of the series is “The Contest”, where the team has a contest to see who can spend the most time without indulging. Years later, during the series finale, all the friends believe they are going to die in a plane crash.

During this ordeal, George admits that he cheated during the contest. It may not sound as bad as the other things on the list, but there is something particularly low about lying to friends.

6 He gives his boss substances

Everyone has had bad bosses at some point in their career, but that never justifies increasing your drinking. George Costanza does just this after being fired, although he technically resigns beforehand.

The sad thing is, George was hired again moments before his boss drank from the spiked mug. As bad as this is, George’s boss seems like a bad guy and the character would get a better job later in the series.

5 Fake a charity

George Costanza comes up with a plan to buy gifts for his co-workers during the holidays by inventing a fake charity and making donations on behalf of other people. You come up with this idea after someone asks you.

Like all George’s ideas, he eventually bites him again when his boss wants to make a large donation to the charity and hands George a check for a considerable sum of money.

4 Think of yourself during a fire

A fire breaks out at his girlfriend’s son’s birthday party. Rather than being chivalrous, George runs off and leaves everyone behind, shoving people in the process.

It’s hard to judge too harshly unless you’ve been in a similar situation, but it’s not a major fire either, and it’s easily put out. At the end of the episode, something similar happens when he thinks a prop gun is real and once again runs away without helping anyone.

3 Parks in a place for the disabled

To be fair, Kramer pushes George into parking in a handicap spot. Upon returning from their errands, the team finds the car wrecked. Unfortunately for George, it is his father’s vehicle, so he makes up a lie to avoid getting in trouble with his parents.

The worst thing about this action is the woman who had to park in a different place and ended up injured because she could not use the place she was assigned. George and Kramer buy him a new wheelchair, but it is a cheap model that ends up malfunctioning, injuring the woman even more.

2 Urinate in a gym shower

Everything on this list is embarrassing, but this is the only truly disgusting act. George Costanza urinates in the gym shower and another minor character threatens to tell the manager.

It’s hard to blame someone for doing this because watching someone urinate in the shower is really disturbing. Elaine helps George stay out of trouble, but this just goes to show that Elaine isn’t a good person either.

1 Fake a disability

After George’s employer believes he is disabled, the character does nothing to correct them. Once they find out, he still refuses to leave work, sparking a small battle of wills between the two.

Before the jig ran out, George had his own bathroom and a special office. Faking a disability is especially low, even for George. The next job he gets is the right one for him; no one in the company has any idea what they are doing either.

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