Monday, June 27

Red Ball Super Run launches on iOS and Android • Console and Dashboard

Today, December 9, Red Ball Super Run debuts on iOS and Android devices. Its arrival in the App Store and Google Play is produced by the hand of FDG Entertainment.


Yohoho Games bets on jumps and speed in its new game. He proposes us to save the world (for a change), in dozens of different locations in three dimensions. We will have four heroes available and epic fights against four bosses.

The evil squares wreak havoc wherever they step, so the planet needs adventurers to stop them. The shape? Jumping on them. We will have special skills, to squeeze to be the best runner of all time.

As for bosses, we will defeat them through action and shooting mechanics. Unlockables will arrive via stickers with which to complete the album and access new costumes. It will be released under the free download model. Its managers promise constant content updates.

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