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Pokimane launches criticism and asks streamers not to play Activision Blizzard titles | Levelup

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Every time we know more details about the situation of Activision Blizzard and the picture looks worse month after month. Large companies such as PlayStation, Xbox and Nintendo have already ruled on the matter and condemned the cases of harassment and discrimination within the developer.

On the other hand, Geoff Keighley also spoke about the problem and claimed that the company is not part of The Game Awards 2021. Now, even popular streamers like Pokimane lashed out at the company.

During a recent broadcast, the Twitch star messaged big content creators asking Activision Blizzard to do something about it. The streamer believes that the situation is very bad, so she asked them not to play the company’s titles, especially if they are financially in a good situation.

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Pokimane raises his voice against Activision Blizzard and asks not to play their titles

Pokimane believes that streamers should speak out against Activision Blizzard and no longer play their games live. He knows that being a content creator, being successful and making a living from it is not easy, so his request is directed to the great streamers who generate a lot of profits with their broadcasts.

“I think if you are a well-off streamer, you just shouldn’t. However, I understand that some people may find themselves in a situation where their income is largely based on a Blizzard game. ” he claimed Pokimane.

He added that the company’s situation is alarming, so everyone should “be extremely vocal” about their disagreement with the harassment problems. So he thinks Activision Blizzard games shouldn’t be more successful on platforms like Twitch, at least for now.

Pokimane has set the example for herself, since since the harassment and distribution scandals were uncovered, she has not played any Activision or Blizzard games live.

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In this link you will find all the news related to Activision Blizzard and this recent controversy.

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