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Pokémon GO receives new PokéStops empowerment mechanic | Levelup

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Niantic continues to work on new features for Pokémon GO not only focused on characters or objects, but also on new game mechanics that offer a better experience or options to users. A new role has just been confirmed and is based on the collective work of users, who will be able to receive more rewards for collaborating.

Months ago, users reported that Niantic would have launched some new gameplay mechanics, among which a mapping function of Poképaradas or Gyms stood out that would make these elements be enhanced.

While this new feature was already a reality, it was only available in certain regions on a trial basis, but Niantic just gave it the green light to launch it globally.

How to boost PokéStops in Pokémon GO?

This function consists of the empowerment or recharge of Poképaradas, in which players can contribute to improve them. This will be possible by scanning the site through the RA Mapping function.

As we mentioned, Niantic invited players to scan the PokéStops and offered them extra rewards for doing so through AR mapping tasks. However, with this new feature the rewards will be more and several players will be able to benefit.

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In addition to completing mapping tasks and receiving rewards for doing so, players will be able to upgrade PokéStops based on the number of people who map these locations. In total there are 3 levels, the first is reached after 5 scans, the second is unlocked when the place is scanned 10 times and the third is reached after doing 25 scans.

It is a function designed for several players near a PokéStop to participate and has an important incentive, because, as we mentioned, additional rewards will be offered. According to the information, PokéStops or Gyms will give more gifts depending on the level they are in when they are turned. You should know that the enhancement will be limited and will disappear after a while, so again it will have to be improved; The higher the level, the longer the effects of the Poképarda or Boosted Gym will last.

How to scan a PokéStop in Pokémon GO?

First, you should take into account that the AR mapping option is only available for players of level 20 or higher. If you meet this requirement, then you should go to the PokéStop or Gym details page and tap on the 3 dots in the upper right corner.

Then, all you have to do is touch the Scan PokéStop option and activate the function in case it is the first time you use it. Subsequently, it is required to touch the record button to start the scan. You should keep the PokéStop or Gym within the frame and walk around it if possible. Lastly, you must submit the video later or immediately.

You may be wondering for what purpose Niantic wants PokéStops and Gyms to be scanned. Well, the company has already made it clear that it wants to improve the representation of places through augmented reality and thus generate 3D elements and thus make the game more real so that it invites people to explore it. To achieve this, a lot of mappings are necessary.

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