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Offer: so you can get 12 months of PlayStation Plus at half price | Levelup

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PlayStation Plus, Sony’s subscription service, allows you to play online and enjoy tons of benefits such as free games or exclusive discounts. If you ran out of subscription, but you are interested in having it during the next year, you should know that you can get it at half price.

What happens is that, for a limited time, PlayStation Plus is offered at half price on the PlayStation Network. This is a promotion available in Mexico, the United States and other regions.

Thanks to this promotion, the monthly subscription to PlayStation Store is available in exchange for $ 19.99 USD in Mexico. We remind you that you will have to pay 16% VAT, so in total you will be paying $ 23.19 USD (approximately $ 503.44 MXN with the current exchange rate) for the PlayStation Plus annuity.

PlayStation Plus at half price!

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The half price PS Plus promotion is for a limited time only

It is important to note that this promotion will only be available for a limited time. If you are interested, you should know that it will end on December 19, so we recommend you take advantage of it as soon as possible.

You should also know that the half price PlayStation Plus promotion has some limits. The first is that it only applies to accounts without an active subscription. This means that if you currently have PlayStation Plus you will not be able to take advantage of the promotion to have the service for 12 more months.

Another point to consider is that it can only be used to buy 12 months. So forget about racking up years of PlayStation Plus while waiting to take advantage of an offer for Sony’s supposed service that will compete with Xbox Game Pass.

And you, will you take advantage of the promotion to renew your subscription to PlayStation Plus? Tell us in the comments.

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