Saturday, January 22

Maglam Lord confirms his physical version • Console and Board

Maglam Lord It will have a physical edition on January 28, both on PS4 and Nintendo Switch. This is announced by Meridiem Games, responsible for physical distribution.


Maglam Lord He proposes us to recover our former glory, for which we will need to restore our powers. It is defined as an action JRPG, with real-time combat and exploration. Relationships and weapon creation will also be part of the experience.

The plot begins with the awakening of the Lord of the Demons Killizzerk. Discover how, after having lost its powers, it is considered an endangered species. He will join forces, along with a partner, to gather magical weapons with which to defeat enemies and, ultimately, unleash all their power.

Ultimate attacks can be executed by filling the DG meter, expanding strategies in the middle of battle. Our protagonist is customizable, being able to take a female or male form. It is the work of D3PUBLISHER.

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