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Inscryption: Best Uses for Ring Worm Card

While it doesn’t seem like much on the surface, Inscryption’s Ring Worm card has several hidden abilities that make it worth adding to the deck.

Encryption is a complex and cryptic standalone horror deck creator that has secrets hidden in every inch of its code, and many of its cards have more uses than are initially apparent. The Ring Worm card is one that seems particularly useless at first glance between its stats and blood cost, but even game master Leshy hints that there is more than meets the eye. Among all the cards with hidden abilities in Encryption, the Ring Worm is unique and players can take advantage of one of its special features in Act I of the game.

The Ring Worm costs one blood to play, but has the same stats as a basic squirrel card with only 1 health and 0 attack power. The card can be boosted with stat boosts and stamps, but the base card doesn’t have any special abilities in battle, making it a waste of sacrifice. The Ring Worm’s best use is outside of battle though, and it changes the mechanics of the spooky tabletop RPG Leshy has trapped players in.

Along the Encryption In the first act, players make their way through a tabletop role-playing game laid out on a scroll, with several different paths that can be taken in each setting. Every now and then, players will come across a campfire where they can light one of their creatures by heating it by the fire, increasing their attack power or health. Each campfire is also surrounded by a group of hungry-looking survivors that limit the number of players that can light their creatures, as the player will pull their creature out of the fire to keep it safe before the survivors can eat it. However, as the game progresses, players can unlock Encryption Mechanics push your luck for campfires, allowing them to risk losing their creature to make it even stronger.

How to Unlock Max Boosts at Inscryption Campfires

If players have died more than four times in Act 1 of Encryption, will unlock the ability to let your creatures warm themselves by the fire for more than one power-up. However, if the survivors eat the creature, it will disappear forever. This is where the Ring Worm’s first hidden ability becomes extremely useful, as players can sacrifice this card to survivors by turning it on until they eat it for dinner. The Ring Worm will poison survivors when they eat it, eliminating them from all future campfires throughout the game. This allows players to maximize their card stats without any risk, giving them the opportunity to significantly increase the power of their deck.

The Ring Worm also has another hidden ability that doesn’t become apparent until the final fight of Encryption first act. Just before entering Leshy’s hut to confront him, he will present the player with various trials that grant special boons when they pass. One of these tests, the Ring Test, will allow players to pass the first test automatically if they are wearing a ring and will give them the option to choose from three bonus abilities to aid them in the boss battle. The ring can be found by solving the clock puzzle in Leshy’s hut, but the Ring Worm’s second hidden ability will allow players to pass this test without it, as the creature itself counts as a “ring.” However, if players have used their first ability and sacrificed it to survivors previously in Encryption, they will not be able to use it to pass this test.

Encryption is available for PC.

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