Monday, August 8

I don’t know how much more I can wait for the League of Legends MMO

The League of Legends MMO may be years away, but it’s the only game I want to play right now.

Thanks to Arcane from Netflix, I have a new obsession with the world of League of Legends. I’ve already devoured the Ruined King: A League of Legends story and am now researching the short stories, comics, and videos on the League’s Universe site. There’s no better feeling than discovering rich and complex new worlds in fiction, and I can’t get enough League of Legends right now. The more I learn about the history and region of Runeterra, the more I wish I could explore all these places and stories myself in a great open-world MMO. We know one is coming, I’m just afraid it won’t come soon enough.

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There is very little information about the upcoming League of Legends MMO. When Riot announced its grand plan to extend the League of Legends Universe to nearly a dozen new games at the 10th anniversary event in 2019, including a card game, a fighting game, a turn-based RPG, and multiple games. mobiles, an MMO was not announced. At the time, some speculated that the ARPG codenamed Project F could be an MMO, but Riot’s co-founder Marc Merrill explained in an interview that while Project F was not an MMO, a massively multiplayer online game was something Riot intended to do in the future.

Last December, Riot’s vice president of IP and entertainment Greg Street announced an MMO set in the League universe in a tweet.. Although vague, this was the first official announcement that an MMO was in development, but it is pretty much the only thing that has been said about the game. A recruitment page on the Riot website has an open call for developers with MMO experience to apply, but no specific job openings are listed. “We will periodically post new roles, but at this time we do not have any specific vacancies in the team,” he says. “We are just preparing for the journey.” The recruitment page has not been updated since it was first launched a year ago.

Clearly, League MMO is a long way off. It may take years before we can see anything of the game, much less play it. MMOs are some of the most expensive and complex games to develop, so while it was officially announced in December 2020, it wouldn’t be unreasonable to expect it to launch in 2025 or even beyond.

But I’m at the peak of my obsession with the League right now. Arcane’s first season introduced many non-League players to an astonishing fantasy world, but left us with no real direction to go or a place to pursue that passion. Ruined King is a blast, but a turn-based RPG has fairly limited appeal. The Universe site is an amazing resource, but it’s not a game, and spending time there has only made me more anxious for an MMO. Even the interactive map, which is divided into each region so that you can easily explore the history and origins of each character, feels like navigating the world map in an MMO. I don’t know anything about the gameplay, but I know how much I’d love to play a League MMO right now. Whether I’m still that excited about that a few years from now is another story, but it will depend on how consistently Riot can continue to release quality games and shows, whetting our appetite until the MMO is finally ready for release. I’m hopeful that the world still has League fever by then, but personally, I don’t know how much longer I can wait.

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