Wednesday, August 17

Halo Infinite was initially going to have a much larger and more varied world

Halo Infinite finally premiered yesterday officially, offering us what many are describing as the best campaign of the saga that 343 Industries has signed to date. In fact, the title is being liked so much that it has received the public award of The Game Awards, as we informed you this afternoon.

A great Halo that could have been much bigger

One of its greatest novelties is found in the introduction of some open world areas full of activities to carry out, although now the journalist Jason Schreier from Bloomberg has published an article in which ensures that in the beginning the game was going to have a much larger and more varied world that it was going to be comparable to The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild in terms of possibilities.

At least, this is the information you’ve gleaned from interviewing several members of the current 343 Industries team, as well as some of their former workers. As you might suppose, the reasons why in the end the scale of the game is much smaller than what they initially thought is due to the enormous amount of problems the study encountered during development, including mismanagement and numerous technical errors. All of this led to 343 Industries I ended up cutting two-thirds of the game in 2019, one year before the originally planned release date (November 2020).

Despite this, we cannot forget that the new model it has adopted Halo Infinite game as a service could give 343 Industries the opportunity to add new campaigns and expand the adventure with all those contents that had to be discarded for one reason or another.

A happy ending to a troubled development

Be it one way or another, what seems to be clear is that Halo Infinite has ended up being a great game, as we recently told you in our analysis, where we tell you that he has “a bright future ahead”. His campaign is now available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X / S, while competitive multiplayer is free for all players on these platforms.

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