Saturday, June 25

Halo Infinite contains a reference to the popular Brute meme known as Craig

The Master Chief He is undoubtedly the most iconic character in the saga created by Bungie, although in recent years the Brute known as Craig has been gaining popularity, although not exactly in a good way. While it became a meme when it appeared in the primer gameplay from Halo InfiniteIt looked unfinished and unpolished, its reputation has improved over time thanks to the work done by 343 Industries after the game was delayed for a year. From the developer they embraced the meme from the beginning and, as it comes to us from VG247, have wanted the ancient Craig to be immortalized in a curious reference or easter egg.

Craig’s design of the final version of Halo Infinite It has a much higher level of detail than the first we could see, although at 343 Industries they are aware of the impact that its initial appearance had and have shown that they know how to take criticism with humor thanks to a fun reference. At the top of one of the tallest buildings in Zeta Halo we can find a curious vinyl record adorned with Craig’s face and the title of Greatest Hits, a guide to the fans who made many memes about Craig and that refers to the fact that the Brute could be a star.

Craig is on tour

On the other hand, near where we can find the vinyl, we can also see a Craig’s tour poster in Zeta Halo. If we look at the poster carefully we can see the dates and places of the game where the tour will take place; in this same area we can find a collectible skull that unlocks a new feature for the Master Chief, something that clearly shows that the developers intended for players to visit the venue and see the reference.

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