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GTA Online will have an expansion focused on Franklin; takes place years after GTA V | Levelup

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Maybe Grand Theft Auto V don’t have story DLC like the ones in Grand Theft Auto IV, but what it does have is an online mode that continues to grow with content, missions and stories. In fact, you will soon receive new content that will let us see Franklin many years after the events of Grand Theft Auto V.

We are talking about The Contract, a new expansion for Grand Theft Auto Online. It is a free expansion that will debut on December 15 and will feature F. Clinton and Partner, an agency dedicated to solving the problems of the rich and famous people of Los Santos. This agency will be commanded by Franklin, a character you will meet thanks to Lamar Davis.

So in The Contract you will be a new member of F. Clinton and Partner and your job will be to make the business flourish. This means doing jobs of all kinds in order to keep customers happy and generate much more money.

Rockstar Games announced that one of the missions of The Contract will involve Dr. Dre, famous musician and producer. It turns out that the legend of the hip hop scene lost his phone, which is littered with unreleased songs. Leaking that content could result in millionaire losses for the artist, so your mission will be to get the phone back at all costs. This is a mission that you can complete alone or in company.

Apparently, in The Contract we will have the opportunity to work side by side with Franklin, the dog Chop and a hacker named Imani. The trailer promises a truly epic adventure full of action, celebrities and music. You can see it below:

Among the novelties of The Contract you can also expect new weapons, vehicles, contracts and many more. Rocktar Games is expected to share more details on what’s on the way in the coming days.

What do you think about it? Are you excited for The Cotnract? Tell us in the comments.

Grand Theft Auto V is available for PlayStation 4, Xbox One and PC. We remind you that you can play it on PlayStation 5 and Xbox Series X through the backward compatibility of both consoles. Do you want to know more about this game and its online component? If you said yes, just click here to find the information.

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