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Fernández reaches the middle of his term, pulled by Cristina and the IMF | Politics | The voice of the interior

President Alberto Fernández will begin the second half of his term tomorrow, pulled by Vice Cristina Kirchner and the International Monetary Fund (IMF) in a very complex negotiation to refinance the country’s debt and avoid a default with political and commercial partners.

The government arrives at this instance marked by fire by the pandemic that consumed more than a year of administration and killed 117 thousand people. The economy is in the process of reactivating after the collapse of 2020, but with annual inflation of 52% and a poverty indicator that is close to 44%, according to private estimates.

A little less than a month ago, the Frente de Todos lost the legislative elections to the opposition Juntos por el Cambio. And since then he has dedicated himself to highlighting the importance of the unity of the coalition to improve public management and to think about the search for the continuity of the political project beyond 2023.

After the elections there was an act called only by the President. Cristina did not attend because, she said, she was recovering from an operation. And La Cámpora, with Máximo Kirchner at the helm, decided to stay 200 meters away. The head of state was accompanied by militants of the PJ and unions of the then CGT of Héctor Daer and the massista Carlos Acuña.


As part of the plan to strengthen the unit and with epic overtones in the call, Fernández and the vice president want to fill the Plaza de Mayo this Thursday at 3:00 p.m. Two years of mandate and 38 of democracy have been completed. They will be the only speakers at an event that will also include Lula Da Silva, the favorite in Brazil for the 2022 presidential elections.

Fernández voiced a video with the slogan “Democracy forever” and called for participation. Cristina did the same. He recalled that during his governments the Day of Democracy was always celebrated. “We always did it with great joy and reaffirming our commitment to human rights,” he said. “Bring your flag,” he completed.

Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner

Message to USA

This Wednesday Fernández spoke at the annual event Gzero Summit Latin America 2021, a forum of political and business leaders organized by the São Paulo Stock Exchange and the US political consultancy Eurasia Group, founded in 1998 by Ian Bremmer, who was in charge of interviewing the president. .

On the other side of the screen were financial investors waiting for news of the government’s negotiations with the IMF in Washington, which will culminate in the next few hours. Bremmer consulted nothing about the country’s economic situation, all his concern was about the position of Cristina, the head of the most radicalized Kirchnerism.

Joe Biden, President of the United States of America

Fernández answered bluntly. It needs to improve expectations in the business and investment world on which it depends to accelerate the rebound in private employment. “Cristina and I are not the same. We made a front that brings together Peronism and many other forces and therefore there is not a homogeneous view of reality, but rather a diverse one. And we coexist in that diversity, “he said.

After ruling out that he is the “good cop” and she the “bad cop” and admitting that she does not always agree with what Cristina asks, she said: “When we disagree, we try to settle the differences as two rational people, speaking , talking and when the hammer has to be lowered, the hammer is lowered by the President ”.

Cristina’s letters with public punishment to the head of state (eroding his authority) and his management environment forcing sudden cabinet changes and twisting the course of some decisions go beyond the question of who is right. Repetitive questions from Bremmer – an influential American political scientist who focuses on global political risk – made it clear that the smoke from domestic short circuits is reaching Wall Street and the White House.

Alberto Fernandez.

“I am negotiating to reach an agreement and to start paying, under the conditions that Argentina can do,” said Fernández and was optimistic about closing with the IMF. The day before, at the same forum, the United States was in favor of a “sustainable agreement”. It was Juan González, director of Western Hemisphere Affairs of the US National Security Council, who expressed it.

And he hinted that President Joseph Biden will support what the country and the Fund agree to, as long as there are “solid and reasonable foundations.” But he clarified that it is not the IMF that should design the plan for Argentina, but the government itself. On Wednesday, Fernández praised Biden as one of the global leaders who worked best in the pandemic and will participate between today and tomorrow in the Summit for Democracy to which the US president invited him.

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