Tuesday, August 16

Epic Games Store could give away 15 games this Christmas according to a new leak

Epic Games Store, Epic Games’ digital PC game store, has gained a lot of popularity among gamers in recent years thanks to his commitment to give away titles on a weekly basis, which have included such popular works as Alien Isolation O Dead by Daylight.

As many of you will know, the company tends to push this to the limit with its Christmas campaigns, dates in which they go from giving away titles on a weekly basis to doing it on a daily basis, as we were able to verify last year when they offered us up to 15 different games at no cost. Therefore, it is not surprising that there is a lot of anticipation for Epic Games’ plans for this Christmas.

15 gift sets for Christmas

Although the company has not yet made an official statement, now user Billbill-Kun from Dealabs, who has successfully filtered free PlayStation Plus games in recent months, has returned to the fray and has ensured that the Epic Games Store will give away 15 titles this Christmas, being Shenmue 3 the first of them. If true, we could claim Yu Suzuki’s work on December 16.

From oh, will give away a new game for each of the next 14 days and, obviously, we will only have 24 hours to claim each one of them, so we have to be careful not to miss this promotion. Mind you, the last of them will be available for a week. Additionally, it ensures that we can enjoy tons of offers and discounts from December 16 to January 6, 2022.

If all this is true, Epic Games will follow a format very similar to that of its 2020 Christmas campaign, giving away even the same number of games, so the only doubt that remains to be cleared is the list of titles that they will offer us.


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