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Chucky Lozano suffers craniofacial trauma

EThe Mexican attacker Hirving ‘Chucky’ Lozano I left the party of Napoli vs Leicester City, valid for the last day of the Europa League group stage, in the so-called ‘trolley of misfortunes’ after accidentally getting a strong blow to the face.

In his attempt to contest the ball, Chucky Lozano brakes in front of the defender. However, the pitch, wet from the constant rain that is falling on the Diego Armando Maradona Stadium, played a trick on him because his foot got stuck in the field generating that cayera directly on the leg / knee of the Leicester City player.

Immediately, Chucky was helped by medical services of the Naples that they immobilized his neck with a collar and took him off the pitch in the ‘cart of misfortunes’. The last information that is known is that the Mexican will have a tomografa to detect any damage to the head.

After this move, inevitably came to mind the injury that Lozano suffered in the Gold Cup, since the crash was a bit similar.

The match between Napoli and Leicester City went to halftime tied at two goals, a result that left out of the Europa League to the Mexican box. However, in the complementary part, Napoli was able to win the game thanks to a goal from Eljif Diamond.

Chucky Lozano suffers non-concussion craniofacial trauma

After a couple of hours after the game is over and after carry out the relevant studies, the Chucky Lozano was diagnosed with non-concussion craniofacial trauma, according to the information that the Naples I shared on their social networks.

“The instrumental exams performed on Hirving Lozano, after the injury suffered during the game against Leicester, they gave a negative result. The footballer suffered a craniofacial trauma not shocking. “

In the next few hours The Aztec attacker’s health status will be updated again where to inform the recovery time what you need to fly to the courts.

Craniofacial Trauma: What is it, symptoms and recovery time?

Is about an injury suffered to some part of the face, the face, including the jaw. This type of affectation can throw soft tissue trauma, it presents with so-called bruises, abrasions and excoriations, injuries caused by contusions that present a type of tear, Loss of substance wounds, as well as trauma to the facial skeleton, can present fractures of the maxillary bone, mandible, orbit, and cheekbone.

Recovery time depend on the severity of the injury, because in a serious situation it may be necessary to perform an additional surgery, after the first 6 or 12 months.

Some of the more common symptoms are: double vision, missing teeth, trouble breathing through the nose from bleeding or inflammation, deformity in facial bones, altered facial sensitivity and some vision problems because of the swelling near the eyes.

Photos: Reuters


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