Monday, August 8

Battlefield 2042 started out as a battle royale at the request of EA, according to a leak

Battlefield 2042 is the latest installment in one of the most iconic sagas in the history of the shooters, a title that will be released at the end of last November with good gameplay, a few performance problems and an obvious absence of content that have caused, among other things, that the shooter lose tens of thousands of players weeks after its release.

Now the multiplayer title returns to the fore with a filtration from the hand of Tom Henderson, a well-known information leaker who has built a good reputation among the Battlefield after successfully advancing several data from DICE projects.

Tom, in his last video, tells some interesting details about the battlefield development that started with the EA’s request to DICE that “copy what was popular at that time it was precisely the genre battle royale. In fact, one of the best things about Battlefield 2042, the Plus System, was invented with the idea of ​​managing with greater agility the accessories that the players were picking up from the ground during the games.

Besides, there are also other changes that are present in Battlefield 2042 thanks to the initial concept of battle royale of the game such as various aspects of Hazard Zone or the specialist system that for EA it was an opportunity to monetize the game after launch based on the business model of Call of Duty Warzone.

18 months of development, a change in concept and a rough last few months

Bless Tom, Battlefield 2042 it was 18 months in development (Its creation began during 2019). After months creating as a battle royale, between April and August 2020, the project derived Battlefield that we have today between us while in March of this year DICE asked EA to collaborate with other studios to help them finalize the game due to several problems during its creation related to both the Frostbite engine and the challenges of creating a large part of the game from their homes due to the pandemic, factors that have led to the technical problems that the title has had during its premiere.

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