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Amazon Halo View review

The Amazon Halo View announcement surprised me. I admired the first Amazon Halo The originality of the Band, spearheaded by a low-key screen-less design and a crafty tone analysis feature. The $ 79 Halo View, a fairly common-looking activity tracker with a screen to view time or metrics mid-workout, removes both trademarks.

But Halo View is not solo a fitness tracker. It’s the hardware that fits an ever-growing collection of Amazon Halo wellness services. Previously, the $ 3.99 / mo Amazon Halo membership offered basic actionable data and outsourced labs to help you meet your health goals. Now, Halo Fitness’s proprietary workout programs and Halo Nutrition’s guided eating plans show that Amazon is serious about its side of the health space, without increasing the membership fee.

Since most fitness machines rely on a paid membership, Halo View is only as good as the companion app, offering body fat percentage readings, mobility scores, sleep information, guided meditations, listening exercises, workouts. led by a coach and recipes for each diet. need. So I dare not call Halo View one of the best fitness trackers, because the main alternatives are excellent standalone devices with functions such as GPS, NFC and applications. Still, this Amazon Halo View review rates how the company’s ongoing fitness efforts add up in an ever-saturated market.

Amazon Halo See price and availability

Amazon Halo View is available starting December 8, 2021. It costs $ 79.99 and comes in three colors: Active Black, Lavender Dream, and Sage Green. Color options refer to the straps, which can alternatively be swapped out for a variety of sports, fabric, leather, and metal bands at additional cost.

When you buy Amazon Halo View, you get a free year of Amazon Halo membership ($ 79.99 value). It costs $ 3.99 / month afterwards.

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Amazon Halo View review: design

The Amazon Halo View looks like several of the best cheap fitness trackers. It features a rectangular case with a compact touch screen and a capacitive touch control button. On the surface, it reminds me of most of the $ 25 Wyze Band, but the design is generic.

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Thanks to a lightweight construction and thin, flexible straps, Halo View has a barely-there feel. That’s what I like to see on a fitness tracker. Although I will say that the color display makes it a lot less subtle than Amazon’s first band Halo, it won’t distract you much. While I wish the .95-inch (120 x 240-pixel) screen was a bit larger, or allowed to view more than one exercise metric at a time, it never got in the way of my workout.

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Amazon Halo View Review: Fitness Tracking

Unlike many trackers, the types of training supported by Halo View are limited. Your options on the wrist are walking, running, biking, fitness training, rowing, swimming, HIIT, weight, yoga, and more. You can retroactively register some more types of sports within the app, although there are fewer options compared to the Fitbit Inspire 2, which has more than 20 kinds of exercises on your wrist.

As you exercise, you can view elapsed time plus one of your metrics at a time, be it heart rate, steps taken, calories burned, and points earned. Heart rate readings dropped 1-2 beats below my Polar OH1 heart rate monitor, but this did not seem to affect tracking of my heart rate zones. With heart rate readings, Halo View identifies the intensity level of your workout. As a fan of heart rate-based training, I appreciate being able to see how much time I spend in the light, moderate, or vigorous activity zones.

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Halo uses a point system that is like Fitbit’s activity zone minutes. When you exercise at a certain intensity for a certain amount of time, Halo rewards you with activity points. Your goal is to earn 150 activity points each week, at the risk of losing points for long periods of time without movement. However, you get more points for higher exercise intensity levels. I gained 57 points after a 30-minute indoor bike class and 37 points for a 40-minute walk, and once lost a point after not moving for 8 hours.

Amazon Halo View doesn’t have GPS, nor does it pull GPS data from your phone to tell you how far you’ve walked. Just pay attention to your steps, heart rate, and elapsed time. I wouldn’t use this over any of the best running watches or the best GPS watches if outdoor activity is your thing. Without knowing when you’ve traveled a mile, it’s impossible to keep up.

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When you are not exercising but want to know your health metrics, you can take SpO2 readings manually, but not your skin temperature. The Fitbit Sense premium has skin temperature readings on demand; In Halo View, skin temperature is only applied for sleep tracking. More of that in a minute.

And if you want to know your body fat percentage or baseline of movement (mobility), you will need to check out the Halo app. When I tested the body fat percentage readings for my Amazon Halo Band review, I didn’t find anything I could do on a regular basis. But I liked keeping track of my movement score, especially since I started incorporating mobility work into my exercise routine.

Amazon Halo View Review: Halo Fitness

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Rather than coming up with your own forms of exercise, Halo Fitness can guide you to and through all kinds of exercises. Included with the Halo membership, Halo Fitness is a collection of exclusive classes and programs starring well-known trainers like Michael Hildebrand and Francheska Martinez. I particularly enjoyed the mobility work with Dr. Jen Frabroni, although the collection of core, strength training, HIIT, and yoga classes offers solid variety. The production quality reminds me a lot of Apple Fitness Plus.

But unlike Apple Fitness Plus relative to Apple Watch, your Amazon Halo Band or Amazon Halo View will not automatically start a workout when you start a Halo Fitness class in your app. You still need to start the training on your wrist or record it later. Eventually your band should be integrated, showing your heart rate live on the screen, like with Apple Fitness Plus and the Peloton app, but there’s no telling when that update will roll out.

For now, the best part about Halo Fitness workouts is that you can easily send them to a bigger screen. I had no problem sending 10-minute HIIT and 15-minute restorative yoga classes to me. Samsung Q80T QLED TV. Most classes are 10-15 minutes long, making it easy to break a quick sweat or pile a few together.

Amazon Halo View Review: Halo Nutrition

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While many Halo Nutrition features won’t launch until 2022, the service as-is now is a sufficient resource for recipes that span all types of diets. When I heard about Halo Nutrition, I was concerned that it would provide calorie counting or other tools that could complicate someone’s relationship with food. He definitely had those fears with the Halo app’s body composition feature. I’m happy to report that Halo Nutrition is completely focused on nutrition and helping people find foods that work for them. There is no language of restrictive eating or aggressive dieting.

Once Halo Nutrition is rolled out, it will feature more than 500 partner recipes, including WW, LifeSum, and Whole Foods Market. The Halo shopping list can also be connected to Alexa Shopping, making it easy to get the ingredients you need to eat well.

Amazon Halo View review: sleep tracking

I wore the Amazon Halo View overnight to see how well (or not) I slept. Like all the best Fitbits, Halo gives a sleep score that should correlate with how rested you feel. I don’t know if I felt I deserved 84/100 with less than 7 hours of sleep, but I did like to see my time in each stage of sleep. My Apple Watch 7 doesn’t show me that much detail, even though the sleep times lined up.

More importantly, Halo has a host of programs and reading material to improve your sleep, from nighttime meditation to sleeping challenges. As in my experience with the Fitbit Inspire 2, you will get valuable information in the app with practical suggestions for a better rest.

Halo View’s sleep tracking feature establishes a baseline as you learn your regular sleep routines and patterns. After three nights, you can see your average sleep temperature. If your sleep temperature varies overnight, it could indicate a health or environmental factor affecting your rest.

Amazon Halo View review: battery life

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Amazon Halo View is supposed to last up to a week with a charge. In the time I used it, it seemed to consume about 12% per day with activity tracking. That’s pretty competitive by activity tracking standards. Fitbit Charge 5, Fitbit Inspire 2, and Wyze Band also lasted a week. I found that the original Halo Band fell short on battery life claims, but that’s because it had the mic enabled for pitch analysis.

Amazon Halo View review: verdict

Amazon Halo holds its own against the more established fitness brands. By continuing to add new features and programs without increasing the already low cost of $ 3.99 / month, the maturation of Halo has caught my eye. That said, the hardware, Halo View, leaves me wanting more.

It’s hard not to compare the new experience of using Halo Band last year to my conventional step with Halo View. A simple fitness band isn’t a bad thing, but this one is overshadowed by its companion app, which I’m eager to explore further. You could even return to the Halo Band just to use the Halo app and keep a more sophisticated wearable on the opposite wrist.

Still for just $ 79, Halo View is a gateway to the rest of what Halo has to offer, and lets you see the time at a glance. As long as you don’t care about your metrics and top Halo features tied to an app, Halo View is a solid fitness band.

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