Tuesday, October 4

Ace Attorney characters star in anti-marijuana campaign in Japan

Capcom has announced that the characters of Ace Attorney, his popular and beloved saga in which we must play a lawyer and participate in all kinds of exciting trials, They will soon be used in a propaganda campaign to warn young Japanese people of the dangers of using marijuana.

Capcom protests and says “no” to drugs

To be more specific, the company is collaborating with the Osaka prefectural police and the characters of The Great Ace Attorney will appear in more than 10,000 posters that will be distributed in educational institutions in the region. In addition, They can also be seen in train stations and at police posts. This peculiar campaign will begin today.

Capcom’s collaborations with the Japanese authorities is not exactly new, since the company has been working with them since 2009 in all kinds of campaigns to try to reduce the increase in crime and make young people aware of the importance of going to vote when elections are held.

The fact that this campaign is focused on fighting marijuana is because Japan is one of the countries with the toughest and strictest anti-drug policies in the world, which is why this substance remains illegal for both medicinal and recreational uses.

If you are curious to know the characters that will appear in these posters against the use of marijuana, we invite you to take a look at the analysis that we dedicate in Vandal a The Great Ace Attorney Chronicles, a remastering for PS4, PC and Nintendo Switch of its two games. From this compilation we tell you that “once you shout” Protest! “For the first time, you will not be able to stop until you complete each and every one of your cases”.

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