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10 Ways Home Alone Has Aged Surprisingly Well

Home Alone is one of the most popular Christmas movies, and there’s a lot about Kevin’s story that still sticks when fans watch it today.

When people think of Christmas movies that they absolutely must rewatch, Home alone is usually at the top of that list. The charming and funny story of how Kevin McAllister’s family goes to Paris without him and how Kevin faces two criminals is timeless and classic. But while there are parts of Home alone That stand out and not in a good way, like how Kevin’s parents were really able to forget about him, there are other aspects of the popular Christmas movie that still work very well.

From the overall theme of the movie to the lessons Kevin and his family learn along the way, there are many reasons fans still consider. Home alone to be a meaningful and nostalgic movie.

10 It’s still a perfect Christmas story

Fans love a lot of cheesy holiday movies and then there are the classics that people remember from their childhood. Home alone It definitely fits into the latter category, mainly because there are so many elements that put people in the Christmas spirit.

From the beautiful lights outside McAllister’s house to Kevin’s excitement at having uninterrupted time to play with his favorite toys, Home alone tells a story about the magic and fun of being a kid at Christmas, and that still rings true today.

9 Kevin’s isolation and frustration are understandable

Immediately, the public feels bad for Kevin, whose family seems to ignore him even before heading to the airport without him. His relatives think he’s stupid and immature and act like he’s a nuisance for the first part of the movie.

It makes sense for Kevin to feel so insecure about the way his siblings and extended family treat him, and this is easy to identify and understandable. This is a timeless theme for anyone who has been through difficult times with their family during the holiday season.

8 The idea that the best-designed plans don’t always work

While some parts of Home alone they’re confusing, one part of the plot remains: the fact that Kevin’s family sets their alarms so they can get up early and get to the airport on time… but that doesn’t work.

When their alarms don’t go off, the family sleeps and then rushes to miss the flight. Many people have fallen asleep by accident or have had other travel delays or stressors that came out of nowhere.

7 Old Man Marley’s subplot is heartwarming

Many children are afraid of something they don’t need to be, like that house down the block they joke about is haunted, but it’s actually old. On Home aloneKevin is nervous about being around Old Man Marley, but quickly realizes that he is being silly and that Marley is a sweet person who carries a lot of pain.

Kevin encourages Marley to talk to his son again so that he too can have a relationship with his grandson, allowing Kevin to see that everyone is struggling, especially when it comes to family.

6 Kevin’s junk food consumption is lovely

From the moment Kevin realizes he’s alone, he goes pretty crazy eating junk food. He totally accepts the fact that his parents can’t tell him not to eat tons of ice cream, and he even sits down to a nice mac and cheese dinner.

While Kevin’s parents didn’t realize they left him alone is a problem, it’s definitely true that many kids would love to eat like Kevin does for days to come.

5 The stress and chaos of vacation travel

From busy airports and lines everywhere, not to mention delayed or canceled flights due to bad weather, traveling during winter break can be very stressful. It doesn’t help that this is a popular time to travel as everyone visits family and friends.

When Kate tries to get home to Kevin, she experiences the overwhelming chaos of Christmas trips, and this is a part of the movie that has aged really well. While people have cell phones now, that doesn’t stop how difficult it can be to get somewhere around December 25.

4 Kate learns the kindness of strangers

Gus Polinski has a polka dot band and wears Kevin’s mom, becoming one of the most likable. Home alone characters.

This interaction allows Kate to learn that strangers can be friendly and helpful, and it is memorable to see these two characters connect. While audiences are used to seeing these kinds of moments in Christmas movies, the scenes between Gus and Kate add something special to the movie and they still work today.

3 It is identifiable that Kevin does not fit

Kevin is very excited to be alone because he can’t stand spending time with his parents and siblings who don’t seem to understand him. Many people feel the same way Kevin does: that no matter how much they love their family, they don’t always feel like they fit in with them.

Anyone who has had problems in their relationship with a brother is probably clapping for Kevin when, at the end of Home alone, Buzz realizes that his bedroom has been completely destroyed.

2 Kevin’s parents realize they need to appreciate him more

Kevin’s parents, Kate and Peter, are some of the smartest. Home alone characters. After realizing they were wrong, they understand the seriousness of what is happening and do their best to get home quickly.

Kate and Peter realize that they took Kevin for granted and that they have a wonderful and special boy who deserves their time and attention. This lesson is meaningful and it’s nice to see Kate and Kevin connect at the end of the movie.

1 Kevin learns the meaning of family

While at first Kevin would rather do anything except spend time with his family, he changes his mind when he begins to feel lonely and scared from being home alone and fighting the Wet Bandits.

Home alone You can focus on Kevin’s plans, but you also share the poignant (and cheesy) message that families can struggle and have ups and downs, but they can overcome anything if they are honest about how they feel.

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